Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Motu Proprio, Everyone

Today's the day!

Husband & I caught the very end of the Mass televised on EWTN, then watched Fr. Kolinsky of St. John Cantius on The World Over.

Wow, the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament is impressive! Especially considering, it isn't an old church---not more than 20 years old, I believe. Hmm, maybe new churches DON'T have to look like they came flat-packed from IKEA...

But what I really wanted to observe in this post is: in many articles against the Tridentine Mass, the objector mentions that the priest TURNS HIS BACK TO THE PEOPLE (did I say MANY? I mean ALL). I think it was Sr. Joan Chittister who observed that the Tridentine makes it all about the priest, up there by himself, all special.

However, when you look at high altars like the one at the Shrine and at St John Cantius, they really overwhelm the priest. You don't focus on him at all; your eye is drawn to the Tabernacle, and from there heavenward.

The Mass is about God? What a concept!

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