Saturday, September 15, 2007

iPods Rule

Okay, so I have the new iPod nano. And I wish I'd gotten it much sooner! I'm totally enamored of PODCASTS. The variety of info/entertainment out there just amazes me---and they're FREE! WOOHOO!

For instance, on EatFeed: a cast on gelatin, including interviews with food historians and recipe suggestions. I have my next big cooking project from it: horseradish jelly.


But no. It's a savory thing, meant to be served with meat. It's really nothing more than semi-solid horseradish sauce. And think of the fancy serving possibilities! You could boil up the jelly, and instead of putting it in jars (according to the recipe my wonderful husband found for me), you could put it into little molds, and plate up your roast beef with a shaped jelly and some sort of garnish. If the recipe works out (it looks super easy, both the jelly and the canning instructions---it includes enough vinegar so that you don't need to process the jars in a pressure cooker), I'm going to send some to my dad & stepmother; they often have roast beef for Christmas Day, and she loves horseradish sauce.

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